Terms and Conditions

We at Living Outdoors Ltd have every confidence in the products that we manufacture, sell and erect. So much so that we offer a two-year warranty on all our products.

When we have finished building and/or erecting a gazebo, spa-chalet, gate, trellis or any other Living Outdoors product you are covered with a two-year warranty that will give you peace of mind. You will know that should anything go wrong we will be there to look after you. This includes any defect in the manufacture of the product, materials and fittings used, and/or any installation or assembly process used to erect or build the product on your property.

Any remedial work would be carried promptly out to the standard expected or required, at a minimum of inconvenience to you and at our cost, provided the defect was not caused by some circumstance outside our control such as weather, slips or accidents caused by anyone other than ourselves, and provided reasonable access is provided to us for the purpose of carrying out the remedial work.

The above statement is a summary of our warranty only and has no effect on, nor diminishes our complete written warranty that we supply at the time of purchase. Nor does it affect or diminish any remedies that may be applicable under any other relevant New Zealand law or statute.