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Garden archways and pergolas give your garden the WOW factor without hurting your budget. A Living Outdoors archway or pergola are perfect for gardens with limited space or for creating a grand entrance to a pathway, or even a carport or shelter. Made-to-measure and with options of different trellis and overall design, we can create a unique addition to your garden.

Garden Archways

You can’t think of garden archways without thinking of an English country garden where archways are covered with roses in bloom. In New Zealand, with our temperate climate, garden archways can be positioned and planted with vines to quickly provide an established garden feature in a relatively short period of time.


Pergolas are a traditional garden feature formed with pillars supporting an open lattice that supports a vine to create a shaded outdoor seating area or walkway. Pergolas are a type of gazebo that can act as a stand alone garden feature, be linked to a building, or even create a shaded area to offer protection from the sun and wind. Pergolas have been around for hundreds of years and are traditionally built with timber.

Quality Garden Features

When choosing a pergola or garden archway, consider the following;

  • How much room will you need for your pergola or garden archway?
  • What local permits might you need? (Ask us for help)
  • Do you want an archway or pergola that is painted, stained or natural timber?
  • What sort of style do you want your arch or pergola to be built in?
  • Do you want to have any roof to protect from the elements?
  • Do you want your pergola or garden arch to have lighting?
  • Do you want trellis on your garden arch or pergola?

Like all Living Outdoors products, our range of garden archways and pergolas are built to last from top quality timber. Our skilled staff take the time to ensure the timber is properly dressed, joins are tight and the finished archway or pergola is built to last. We only use good quality paints and stains suited to our testing New Zealand weather conditions. Because we have been in business over thirty years, you can be assured our products are only built to the highest standards.