Living Outdoors gates are made to order, durable and economical. They can come in various styles and mesh sizes – Diagonal, Square, or our most popular – Oriental.

You can now match the gate with any style of fence, as the strength of the gate is in the galvanised steel frame to which the timber face is fixed. This has proved extremely advantageous especially in gates made from the very popular Oriental trellis, which in the past have had to have unsightly diagonal bracing to give them some strength.

Double driveway sets are also a breeze now as with the steel back they will not drop or twist so once they are hung that’s where they stay. They are maintenance free in terms of never needing to constantly adjust the gates due to timber movement and seasonal changes. The steel back frames can also be supplied to strengthen existing gates. All frames can be supplied either galvanised or powder coated.

We have also recently developed a unique adjustable hinge system for ease of installation of our gates, which offer the strength of a gudgeon hinge, but with greater adjustability and the added advantage of being able to reduce the gap between post and gate. Hinges are also available to allow for gates to open outwards.

Quality Gates

  • We offer Cedar, Pine, Macrocarpa and other native timbers
  • Stainless steel screwing option (A must in high wind situations)
  • Sandblasted stainless steel staples to make a big difference in grip power.
    Sandblasting roughens up the smooth stainless steel staple surface to make it a lot harder to pull out.
  • Different framing options
  • Various styles
  • Standard sizes, and other sizes on request
  • Staining / Painting service