Cedar Sheds


Looking for a quality cedar shed ? quality built shed for extra storage space? Our cedar sheds solve the problem.

We manufacture standard and custom sized, solidly-built cedar sheds either in kit-set form for you to install on your property or we will come and do the whole job for you. They are easy to erect, look good, and last for years.

Be different from the rest – don’t settle for a tin shed that will end up dented! For quality and attractiveness, these sheds are hard to beat.

Quality Cedar Sheds

Please note our standard cedar shed wall height is 2.1 metres (Not 1.8 metres like many of our competitors). This means that almost everyone will be able to stand up inside the shed, without stopping over to avoid banging your head. Our standard gable end roof pitch is 30 degrees. This, along with the wall height gives a lot more usable space within the roof.

We recommend installing your shed on piles set in concrete so the wooden floor is aerated just off the ground. This helps prevent damp in your shed, protecting it’s contents and will also make your shed last years longer.